Bernard Pirnke

We would like to thank My Pathway Facility Services for their support during the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Crisis.

With the implementation of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Plan, the challenges faced by the Centre and the fast paced environment caused by the crisis; My Pathway Facility Services Team provided the knowledge and expertise required to action / react to the implementation of COVID-19 Cleaning Programs and Procedures for the Centre.

It was also very gratifying to see the additional training programs implemented by My Pathway Facility Services; to ensure their teams were trained and capable in implementing COVID-19 cleaning regimens for the Centre.

At all times during the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis, we had full confidence and trust in My Pathway Facility Services; that our staff, retailers and customers were working in a clean and hygienic environment.

Bernard Pirnke – Operations Manager – Ipswich Riverlink Shopping Centre

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